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We are your AI technology experts. Whether it's with purchasing, streamlining, or selling, we can help.
  • Generative AI and Machine Learning

    Generative AI & Machine Learning

    Nova Libra is a pioneer in implementing Generative AI, Large Language Models and Machine Learning technology in production systems. Whether you need customer facing advisors or internal productivity tools, we have the technology designed to work with your systems today.

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  • Custom Software Development

    Custom Application Consulting

    Have a business problem that you need to solve, but can't find off the shelf software that accomplishes your goals? We can build a solution for you from the ground up. Our team specializes in custom software development projects of all kinds.

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  • Oracle RMS

    Oracle RMS

    Large retailers have complex inventory management, product data, and ordering processes. We have experience in simplifying complex Oracle RMS processes. Our Oracle RMS add-on software can cut your purchase order turnaround speed by more than 80%. Learn More →

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  • E-commerce


    Whether you're a start-up business or one that's running ads on TV, we have built e-commerce sites for businesses of all sizes. Our expertise is making it easy to manage your product information. We help present product details to your customers in an effective manner. We also help streamline your order fulfillment processes.

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  • Mobile Development

    Mobile Consulting

    Want to break into the app business? We have built apps that have received hundreds of thousands of downloads and rave reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play market. Our experienced team of mobile developers can help you build a standalone app or extend an existing service into an app.

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  • AI Chatbot Intelligent Advisor

    AI Advisor - Intelligent Chatbot

    Every business has lots of information they wish their customers could find quickly and easily. Unfortunately traditional systems use vintage search capabilities that lose sales and drives up support costs.

    With AI Advisor, you can easily load a knowledge base with files, database exports and URLs. We use the most advanced Large Language Models available to understand your customers questions and provides the answers they need. Links back to the knowlege base you provide assure that only accurate information is provided and can even direct them to the correct page with the products and services they can immediate purchase.

    Best of all, it can be added to any web based system with just a few lines of code we provide. The dashboard allows you to monitor key performance indicators and all the questions your customers are asking and the answers they have received.

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  • step1

    Meet the team

    Our first step together is an introductory meeting, where we can learn about your business and you can learn about ours. You'll meet directly with the people that will partner with you on your project.

  • step2

    Consultation & Research

    We follow up with a comprehensive consultation, where we learn everything there is to know about the problem you need to solve. We gather requirements and begin to explore possible solutions.

  • step3

    Design & Implementation

    After gathering requirements and brainstorming solutions, we'll present an outline for accomplishing your goals. Our experienced team of designers and developers will work directly with you to ensure a successful project is delivered on time and on budget.

  • step4

    Full Life-cycle support

    We always have a developer fluent in your system to provide for the support you need, even after the project is delivered. Whether you want to add functionality or just have a question, you'll have a contact here to provide 1-on-1 assistance.




Nova Libra is a trusted technology partner that has lowered costs for our retail focused clients for 16 years and counting.

Over the years we've taken hundreds of projects from concept to reality. We're proud of our team's reputation for making things happen. When you work with Nova Libra you're getting an experienced team of professionals that will listen to your needs, expertly plan and manage your project, and create something that goes beyond your expectations. And we don't stop there. That same team will be ready to help you with any other challenges your business faces along the way. We're not just designers, project managers, and developers. We're your technology partner.