& Machine Learning

State of the Art Tools
Minus the Hype

AI and Machine Learning is changing how business is done. Unfortunately the learning curve is steep, risky and very expensive. Nova Libra has developed production ready tools designed to work with your existing systems. We eliminate the risk and the R&D expense to provide you with the technology you need to grow.

These are not just some "off the shelf" solutions we are reselling, these are technologies invented at Nova Libra designed to meet the challenge of adopting state of the art technology. Partnering with Nova Libra assures your success in this exciting time for your business.

Here are the the Generative AI, Large Language Models & Machine Learning Technologies we offer:

  • AI Product Advisor - A natural language interface to large product databases that answers questions customers may have about products and their usage with direct linkage to eCommerce solutions for order processing and fulfillment.
  • AI Business Advisor - A natural language interface to product sales and data that returns a wide variety of information about transactions, customers and suppliers in plain english.
  • AI Catalog Advisor - Accepts natural language requests and provides product and service information from vast amounts of unstructured data as well as extraction from unstructured files to structured data sets with item and attribute data.
  • Product Categorization - A machine learning system that takes large amounts of products and maps them into your product hierarchy.
  • Product Data Validation - Machine learning programs that automatically detect anomalies and invalid data for review and correection.
  • Data preparation and custom model training - a proprietary toolset to train domain specific advisors for structured and unstructured data for generative AI and Large Language Models.
  • Sales Content Creation - Seemless integration into WYSIWYG Editors and Web Site builders for content and Blog creation leveraging generative AI and Large Language Models.
  • Automated Google Advertising - Automated Keyword generation and ad placement for large amounts of products.

Nova Libra’s data scientists and AI engineers have developed the technology to make this happen. By preparing your product information and then training AI models, we leverage the latest Large Language Models including Chat-GPT hosted in the cloud to assure scalability to your production workloads.

We are ready to make this happen today with our proven technology. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can strip away the hype and risk to provide the tools you and your customers need to supercharge your transaction volume.