Business Advisor

Gain insight into your business with nothing more than your transaction data.

Measuring business activity has always relied upon customized reports prepared by programmers and pouring over spreadsheets. This expensive and laborious process is becoming obsolete with today’s Generative AI technology.

The Business Advisor answers questions in plain English much in the same way as a skilled data analyst would. It works by taking business process information, such as orders, into a custom AI model. Large Language Model systems including Chat-GPT have the ability to locate the information desired and apply various kinds of logic and mathematical calculations to then prepare plain English responses to questions posed by decision makers.

By making it quick and easy for you to get the answers you need, your efficiency and productivity will skyrocket.

Let’s take a look at a real world example. You need to develop a strategy to increase repeat sales by determining who your top customers are and what products they are purchasing so you can implement a marketing campaign.

Asking the AI Advisor “what are my top customers by the number of orders placed” provides a list of customers with the total amount of their purchases. We see that the system has totaled the orders and determined that Pamela Culbertson has ordered the most. By identifying what Pamela is buying, we can use that information to promote those kinds of products to people like Pamela. We can get that by asking the AI Business Advisor, “What products has Pamela Culbertson bought”. Now that we know what people like Pamela is buying, we can move forward.

You no longer need to engage experts using expensive data analytics software. Once our systems have learned about your business activity, the answers to your questions are simply waiting for you to ask.

Nova Libra’s data scientists and AI engineers have developed the technology to make this happen. By preparing your data and then training AI models, we leverage the latest Large Language Models including Chat-GPT hosted in the cloud to assure scalability to your production workloads. Our customizable software is designed to integrate into your existing production systems easily and securely.

We call this AI as a service.

We are ready to make this happen today with our proven technology. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can strip away the risk and hype to provide the tools you need to supercharge your business.